Quran, Hadith & Islam by Dr. Rashad Khalifa Ph.D.

Quran, Hadith & Islam

By Dr. Rashad Khalifa Ph.D.

  • Release Date: 2010-12-31
  • Genre: Islam
Score: 3
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After more than 12 years of computerized research of Quran, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE was discovered proving that Quran is indeed the infallible word of God. This discovery became very popular among the Muslim masses throughout the world, and summaries of the work were printed and distributed by the millions. My personal popularity soared along with this most exciting, and most humbling, discovery.

The continued research then unveiled a startling fact; that the extremely popular "Hadith & Sunna" have nothing to do with the prophet Muhammad, and that adherence thereto represents flagrant disobedience of God and His final prophet (Quran 6:112 & 25:31).

This finding contradicts the beliefs of Muslim masses everywhere. Consequently, my personal popularity, and even the popularity of the Quran's miracle, plunged to the point of endangering my life and reputation. As it turned out, telling the Muslims that "Hadith & Sunna" are Satanic inventions is the same as telling the Christians that Jesus is not the son of God.

Since the recognition of "Hadith & Sunna" as Satanic innovations is supported by PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, all freethinking people will accept the findings reported in this book. For such people, the results include a totally new sense of salvation, and full awareness that the Muslim masses have fallen victim to Satan's schemes.


  • inshallah

    By N156902adz
  • Incorrect

    By Baadshah g
    From the the first page this book is wrong. Do not follow it. Follow the Quran and Sunnah only
  • What is he on about?!

    By Dhoh_
    I just read the blurb and was shocked woow the way people try to ruin the name of Islam yet they don't know but just the word Islam is another world for salam which is peace alsalam sisters and brothers I advise you not to read this and my fellow non-muslims please do some research and don't read this Thank you This should also be deleted as it miss guides people
  • Very Deceiving Book

    By Silent whisperer
    Book is very misguiding, author apparently seems to belong to a misguided group who denies Hadith as one of the principle source of Islam when the fact that even many non Muslims scholars refers to Hadith as a valuable resource for Islam and Muslims and even Arabian history.
  • Bad book

    By Amzo.A
    This author is a deviant, he engages with BID'Ah by attempting to innovate the Quran with the other published books
  • subhanAllah

    By Ali. Hamid
    44. With clear signs and Books (We sent the Messengers). And We have also sent down unto you (O Muhammad ) the reminder and the advice (the Qur'an), that you may explain clearly to men what is sent down to them, and that they may give thought. Enough is this ayah to explain this man has strayed far far. Allahu must'aan.
  • Totally illegal

    By El marriachi
    This man is a charlatan. Dont even go this way people. He will lead all you muslims and astray. May Allah protect us.
  • Utter Rubbish!

    By ZayyanG
    This book is nothing but a woefully failed attempt to undermine the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Not deserving of any stars! The author's claims and arguments are so grotesquely off point that the reader will notice all the stupidity that lie ahead in the book right from the Intro. A shame he calls himself a Dr by the way he argues his hypothesis. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER DOWNLOADING this book. A total waste of my time.
  • Very clear message better in paperback

    By Matt Clean
    What only disbelievers post reviews now? Unfortunately they are the minority. Even the heathens are siding with the traditionals as they both hate God - except they don't idolise Muhammad the man a little smarter perhaps?
  • The description is enough to see the views of the author

    By Uzy95
    By reading the description it is clear the the author has no belief in the word of our beloved Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, referring to the Hadith and Sunnah as a satanic innovation is degrading to all Muslims. Just from reading the description I would give negative stars if possible.